Driving Directions

Driving Directions

Discover the world with ease thanks to Driving Directions (Route Planner) – your free, accurate, and up-to-date routing tool. Say goodbye to folded maps and hello to a modern, digital solution. With over 220 countries covered worldwide, finding your way has never been easier.

Thanks to Google maps, you have the power to find an address, explore points of interest, reverse search GPS coordinates, and even take in the beauty of your surroundings from a satellite view. But having a travel planner at your fingertips is a lifesaver. Say goodbye to getting lost or stuck in traffic jams.

Use Driving Directions (Route Planner) to explore the world from the comfort of your own home. With just a few clicks, you’ll have access to driving directions, satellite and terrain views, live traffic updates, accident notifications, and even public transportation options.

Route Planner

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Be creative; use the extras that this map offers for you; After searching for a driving direction, click the layer icon on the right-bottom of the map and choose your preferred option to see a satellite or terrain view, check live traffic conditions, see accidents on your route, or see the public transportation options.

The most searched countries on our site include the United States of America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Italy, Spain, and Pakistan. If you’re looking for other routing providers, check out our partner sites for Bing Maps, MapQuest, Truck Routes, and Google Maps.

At Driving Directions, we’re passionate about providing you with the best mapping experience possible. Join us today, and let’s hit the open road!