Traffic information map

After you got your free and accurate driving directions, you may also be interested in the actual traffic conditions around you. It is the right place to look for a live traffic map to beat the traffic as much as it is possible.

Search for a place and have a look at the colored lines that indicates the live traffic speed around the area.

Traffic map

What are the color lines indicate on the traffic map?

The green part on the map is the fastest, and dark red is slow traffic. If you see red in most of the route, then avoid it, better to check alternate directions, and take it.

  • The dreaded red lines on the map mean that highway traffic is moving at less than 25 miles / 40.2 km per hour and could indicate an accident or congestion on that route.
  • Yellow lines on the map indicate that traffic is moving faster, from 25 – 50 miles / 40.2 – 80.46 km per hour.
  • Green lines on the traffic map indicate zipping along at 50 miles / 80.46 km per hour or more.
  • If you see grey lines on the map, indicates that there’s no traffic information available at the time
  • The red-black line on the map shows extremely slow or stopped traffic, try to avoid!

Be creative, use the extras that this map offers for you; After searching for a driving direction or just a simple place/area, click the layer icon on the right-bottom of the map and choose your preferred option to see a satellite or terrain view, check live traffic conditions, see accidents on your route, or see the public transportation options.

Live traffic information provided by Here traffic maps. Have a safe and stressless journey.